Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New year. New You!

New Year. New You!

By the end of the month only 64% of people will still be striving to complete the New Years resolution they have set in place. Do you fit into the category of people who have left their resolutions behind? If  you said yes, we challenge you to make your continued dental health a resolution you commit to. 

Whether you have put it off , had a problem tooth for some time, looking for a new provider, or simply are terrified of coming in, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!
Our providers are partners in your health and will take the time to thoroughly explain what they are doing, why they are doing it, their findings, the best treatment option, and answer any questions you may have all while making sure you are absolutely comfortable .

If you are working with insurance chances are your benefits have renewed as of the 1st and are waiting for you to maximize them! No insurance?  We offer an, In Office Savings Plan, that our patients without insurance often take advantage of. 

 Do not let another year pass by without coming in to see us!  
We are waiting for your call: (920) 235-3251