Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Introducing Custom Sport Mouth Guards at Glacier Dental!

          Now introducing, custom sports mouth guards at Glacier Dental. Not only are mouth guards highly recommended to help protect teeth during contact-sports, coaches are beginning to require athletes to have mouth guards that are custom to the player.

         A cheap and easy route for mouth guards is to purchase a boil-and-bite guard at a local store, however these mouth guards are not the best protection for your athlete. Boil-and-bite guards, if not made correctly, are bulky and easily become loose in the player's mouth. As a result, they do not provide protection to the teeth and head. It also makes playing, talking and drinking much harder for the athlete.
        There are several benefits to custom athletic mouth guards, including protecting the teeth as well as the entire jaw. Not to mention the process to make this type of mouth guard in office is quick and easy.
        Sport related injuries can be very serious and something as simple as a mouth guard can help prevent concussions and high dental expenses. In addition to protecting the entire mouth, a custom mouth guard fits much better in the mouth, and in return the athlete can breathe and perform better.
       At Glacier Dental, our custom mouth guards have consistent thickness and protection all throughout the piece and fit snugly to the patient. No matter the age of the patient or size mouth, we are able to create a custom mouth guard for anyone.
        Whether your athlete is in hockey, football or horseback riding, call Glacier Dental for his or her custom mouth guard, now in Wisconsin Badger or Packer colors! These mouth guards last much longer than the boil-and-bite and allow for all athletes to communicate better on the field and perform better as well! Call today, 920-235-3251.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clear Correct Open House at Glacier Dental, Oshkosh

You'll never see a ClearCorrect package this amazing anywhere else except at this
one-time event at GLACIER DENTAL!
Attend our ClearCorrect open house on
Saturday, October 4 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
You will get all the answers to your ClearCorrect questions
and see how clear braces can change your smile!
So many adults have wanted a straighter and whiter smile,
but are too embarrassed to have a mouth full of metal.
Here's your opportunity to have clear braces...your friends will have to squint to see them!
ClearCorrect is a great alternative to traditional metal braces because...
A. The series of practically invisible, custom ClearCorrect fit your mouth perfectly and..
B. After a few tray adjustments with Dr. Steckbauer, your smile will be transformed!
Special package pricing for attendees:
-ClearCorrect trays
-Before and After photos
-Sonicare electric toothbrush
-Opalescence whitening
Attend early on October 4 and receive an *extra special* gift from Dr. Steckbauer, quantities are limited!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Periolase at Glacier Dental for periodontal disease

LANAP, also known as laser assisted new attachment procedure, is a in-house procedure Dr. Steckbauer performs in office at Glacier Dental.

Often times patients come in for their routine cleaning and exams and are not familiar with why the hygienist calls out numbers. The numbers stand for your gum's pocket sizes. A smaller pocket size, 1-4, indicates healthy gums, usually due to excellent flossing and brushing. Larger pocket sizes indicates 5 and up means  not-so-healthy gums and loose teeth.

If your pocket sizes range from 5-8, scaling and root planing is highly recommended. At this point, the patient has periodontal (gum) disease. Scaling and root planning is performed by our hygienists, Kara, Ashley or Amanda, and they remove calculus (build up) and plaque from the teeth. The hygienist also cleans the pockets as well to get them back to health. In addition, each hygienist at Glacier Dental is certified to use the Periolase for help remove bad bacteria throughout the patient's gums. The results from the procedure are phenomenal. Patients return for their next cleaning appointment and are thrilled to find their pocket sizes have reduced to normal numbers.

Sometimes it is too late to have scaling and root planning performed and LANAP is the only option available. Dr. Steckbauer's office was one of the first to have the periolase and perform laser gum surgery in office. This laser is a light that removes harmful bacteria from under the gums, and does not cut the gums. Traditional gum surgery does require cutting of the gums as well as stitches. The healing process is much quicker as well. When Dr. Steckbauer uses the laser, the intention is for the laser to get bone regeneration to help with tooth stability. This reduces gum disease and also the risk of losing teeth because they are loose.

Throughout both procedures, scaling and root planing and LANAP, the patients entire mouth is numb, and the patient will only feel pressure throughout. Afterwards, the first 24 hours, the patient may feel the most tender, however with the amazing results that come from both treatment options, the minor pain is definitely worth the gain!

Call Glacier Dental to set up your consult and have Dr. Steckbauer look at the health of your gums today! Consult appointments are limited so call today in order to ensure your spot is reserved, 920-235-3251.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why do I need a crown on my tooth??

Glacier Dental of Oshkosh was one of the first dental offices in Wisconsin to have an E4D. What does that mean to you? Well, this state-of-the-art technology allows Dr. Steckbauer and Dr. Carpenter to design a crown for our patients in one day. That means, only one visit for you.

Now the question may be, what exactly is a crown and why are they needed? A dental crown is basically a "cap" that is placed over a tooth after the Doctor removes any decay or poor tooth structure. It is tooth-colored and looks just like every other tooth. It helps restore the original tooth's strength, shape and size.

There are several instances when a patient may need a crown and a few include: to help protect a weak tooth that may be cracked, to fix a tooth that may have a piece broken off, if a cavity is too large and there isn't much tooth structure left a crown may be the best/only option, crowns can be used for cosmetic work to make a tooth visually look better or to cover up yellowing, or crowns are used when a dental implant is done.

Throughout the crown process, Dr. Steckbauer or Dr. Carpenter will gladly answer any questions you may have. The patient is also numb throughout the process and will only feel pressure from the Doctor working ont he tooth. The doctor will then use a 3D imaging camera to take pictures of your tooth and use the E4D software to design a crown that will function perfectly in your tooth.

The newly designed crown will then be made in office out of a piece of ceramic, and while this is happening, the Doctor will prep the tooth and get it ready for the crown to be bonded to the remaining tooth structure in your mouth. Sometimes there may not be enough tooth structure for the crown and a buildup is needed. A buildup is made up of resin, or the material a dentist would use to fill a cavity, and gives the tooth more of a base to place the crown on.

Finally the Doctor will bond the crown to your existing tooth/buildup and adjust it so your bite is back to normal. After your appointment, you'll be able to eat and drink right away...that long as you're not too numb!

A recent Glacier Dental patient had a crown done and said, "It's not as bad as I thought. There was great new technology and Dr. Steckbauer was very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable. It is important to take care of your teeth and Glacier Dental is a great place to be. You'll be in good hands." This same patient mentioned that prior to his appointment, he was extremely nervous and found any dental work to be uncomfortable because of his arthritis. But after the appointment, he realized it wasn't bad at all.

If you're concerned about a tooth that is broken, giving you pain or just doesn't feel right, give Glacier Dental of Oshkosh a call 920-235-3251! We'd be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you and go over any treatment you may need.

Below is a website with a great video to help you visualize how a crown is made in office: