Monday, April 25, 2016

How Oral Health affects General Health

There is no denying the rewards of a healthy mouth, crisp fresh breath, bright shining smile, healthy gums, and overall function. It may come to a shock that almost half of American Adults suffer from Periodontal(Gum) disease, that this is also the main cause of tooth loss, as well as linked to life threatening diseases .

Recent studies have also attached Periodontal Disease(Gum) Disease to many Systemic Disease(Whole Body) diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Premature Birth, and  Rheumatoid Arthritis. Periodontal and Systemic Diseases are connected through the body's inflammatory response and the natural way we fight off harmful stimuli.  Oral bacteria may enter the bloodstream, form clumps triggering systemic inflammation.  The inflammatory response can then cause cells and tissues to swell, narrowing arteries, increasing the risk of blood clots. 

The best way to avoid periodontal problems, and perhaps systemic diseases, is to maintain good oral hygiene. Commit to 6 month dental visits while staying on top of oral homecare by flossing and brushing twice a day. Should you notice your gums becoming swollen, red, and  painful your body this is a sign that your body is attempting to fight off the disease.  If you haven't already, this is the time to take action and call your trusted dentist. There are a number of effective treatment options for Periodontal Disease ranging from nonsurgical procedures such as root cleaning to the more advanced stages, Laser Gum Surgery is available. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Smooth and Straight Brunch & Learn!

Glacier Dental's Dr. Heather Carpenter is thrilled to share her knowledge on Botox and Clearcorrect Invisible Braces with you on Saturday May 7th!

I know what you're asking yourself , Botox in a dental office? Dentists are true specialist in the area of the face, thanks to the advanced training in the field. Their knowledge of the face is much more advanced than the average healthcare professional, so the real question to ask is, why would I have it done by anyone but a dentist? 
Join us and learn how Botox can help reduce headaches, teeth grinding, TMJ, along with cosmetic benefits. 

Along with expanding your knowledge of Botox, Dr Carpenter will discuss Clearcorrect Invisible Braces and how easy and effectively they are able to transform your smile! In addition to the ease of Clearcorrect, these invisible braces fit conveniently into your lifestyle with the flexibility of removing them at your desire.

You do not want to miss out on this complimentary event including brunch, exclusive offers, and if desired, an exam and treatment. Everyone is welcome to attend, just remember seats fill up quickly so be sure to save your spot now.

Click the link below to reserve your seat!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Smile. It's Free

Our 3rd annual Dentistry From the Heart Day was another huge success. 

Off and on snow storms, cold temps, and at times blizzard like conditions kept the lines down from last year yet we still served over 90 people and completed over $30,000 worth of FREE dentistry for our community! 

We could not have done it without the amazing support from the community and everyone who volunteered! What an honor it is to have been part of it. We look forward to next year's Dentistry From the Heart Day to be even bigger.