Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Introducing Custom Sport Mouth Guards at Glacier Dental!

          Now introducing, custom sports mouth guards at Glacier Dental. Not only are mouth guards highly recommended to help protect teeth during contact-sports, coaches are beginning to require athletes to have mouth guards that are custom to the player.

         A cheap and easy route for mouth guards is to purchase a boil-and-bite guard at a local store, however these mouth guards are not the best protection for your athlete. Boil-and-bite guards, if not made correctly, are bulky and easily become loose in the player's mouth. As a result, they do not provide protection to the teeth and head. It also makes playing, talking and drinking much harder for the athlete.
        There are several benefits to custom athletic mouth guards, including protecting the teeth as well as the entire jaw. Not to mention the process to make this type of mouth guard in office is quick and easy.
        Sport related injuries can be very serious and something as simple as a mouth guard can help prevent concussions and high dental expenses. In addition to protecting the entire mouth, a custom mouth guard fits much better in the mouth, and in return the athlete can breathe and perform better.
       At Glacier Dental, our custom mouth guards have consistent thickness and protection all throughout the piece and fit snugly to the patient. No matter the age of the patient or size mouth, we are able to create a custom mouth guard for anyone.
        Whether your athlete is in hockey, football or horseback riding, call Glacier Dental for his or her custom mouth guard, now in Wisconsin Badger or Packer colors! These mouth guards last much longer than the boil-and-bite and allow for all athletes to communicate better on the field and perform better as well! Call today, 920-235-3251.

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