Monday, February 22, 2016

The 2 Minute Tango

You know the drill,  you're running late getting out the door for work, the gym, to get your kids to school so you give your teeth a quick 20 second brush (let's face it, mainly to get rid of the wonderful morning breath you woke up with) and tell yourself that you'll do a better job later... but do you? 
Did you know that is recommended to spend at least, not limited to, 2 MINUTES brushing your teeth? At least 2 minutes actually focused on what you are doing and cleaning ALL of your teeth. Don't let yourself cave to the pressure of the morning clock, try these tips to help get out the door on time with a clean mouth:
  • Wake up 5 minutes earlier
  • Place your toothbrush on the counter the night before to immediately give yourself a reminder in the am
  • Multi task! What is something in your routine you can you be doing while brushing your teeth and keep focus on both?
  •  Move brushing up a few slots in your routine 
  • Have kids? Make it a fun part of your routine you can do together.

Next time you are faced with this dilemma, ask yourself am I taking care of the my teeth as if I want them to stick around for the rest of my life?

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