Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Glacier Dental helps with Lip Ties

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Lip tie awareness in infants is becoming more profound in recent years however several parents are still at a loss for a solution. Dr. Steckbauer has answers!
To start, having a child that is lip tied can make breast feeding a lot more difficult and there are other symptoms to knowing whether or not your child is in fact lip tied. Some of these include fatigue during feedings, poor weight gain and clicking during feedings. Lip tie and tongue tie is also common in adults and can be fixed at any age.
Now what can you do to help your child or yourself? Call Glacier Dental. Dr. Steckbauer's office was one of the first in Wisconsin to have a Periolase, which is state of the art technology. The periolase is a laser which allows Dr. Steckbauer to cut the gum attachment from the lip and gums easily and precisely. The technical term for this procedure is a frenectomy. Throughout the procedure, the  area is numbed, this way the patient can not feel anything.
Dr. Steckbauer has worked on infants as young as six months and has done tongue frenectomies on adults as well. All with exceptional results. Dr. Steckbauer and the assistants are excellent and well trained for the frenectomy process.
Healing time for this lip tie or tongue tie procedure is very short, with the first 24 hours being the most difficult. Because the mouth is so moist, the healing process is quick. One of our patient's mothers stated that, "latch improved, smile improved...and healing was super speedy." She also mentioned how well Dr. Steckbauer answered her questions and let her know all the details about the procedure.
Please give Glacier Dental a call to schedule your consult with Dr. Steckbauer and his team to discuss yours or your child's frenectomy appointment! 920-235-3251

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