Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Which toothpaste should YOU buy?

When you walk down the toothpaste aisle, there are several options to choose from. They all claim they are "doctor recommended", but which one suits you best? Well it all depends on what results you're looking for.

If you have sensitive teeth, Dr. Steckbauer recommends using Sensodyne. Each line of Sensodyne toothpaste is designed to help protect against sensitivity and also help balance the pH (or acidic level) in the saliva to a more basic level. In return, acid erosion of the teeth is prevented. It's a great option to reduce sensitivity to hot and cold as well as keep your entire mouth clean.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing toothpaste is the health of your gums as well. Toothpaste that contains anti-microbial triclosan, such as Colgate total, helps clean deep in the gums to kill bacteria and keep your gum pockets healthy. If your gum pockets are not healthy, your teeth will become more mobile and possibly even fall out. When using a toothpaste that contains anti-microbial triclosan, scrub your teeth with your toothbrush in a circular motion and floss at least once a day. This will help minimize the pocket size.

In some areas, flouride is in the water, however if you're area does not have flouride in it, you may be more prone to having cavities. Prevident toothpaste is a brand Glacier Dental offers patients to purchase. Our hygienists recommend Prevident for patients that have dry mouth, patients that tend to have more cavities, patients with crowns and patients with a family history of having cavities. This toothpaste has more flouride to help strengthen the teeth from the outside in.  After you have flouride varnish applied at your next continuing care appointment, ask your hygienist about taking home a tube of Prevident.

Some toothpastes claim they whiten teeth. One of the best options that Glacier Dental sells in office is Opalescence whitening toothpaste. This is a great option to remove surface stains from various foods and drinks such as coffee, red wines or red pasta sauce. It isn't recommended to use for long periods of time, but it definitely will give you a brighter smile after using a tube of it.

If you're just looking for a year-round toothpaste to help fight decay and clean your teeth, Crest Pro-Health is a great option. According to, "Only one brand, Crest Pro-Health ($4), is accepted by the American Dental Association in six categories. It whitens, reduces sensitivity, and helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, plaque, and bad breath." It's offered at most stores and is a reasonable price.

No matter what type of toothpaste you use, make sure you brush 2 times a day and floss at least once! And next time you're at Glacier Dental getting your teeth cleaned by your hygienist, ask her what type of toothpaste she recommends for your mouth-type.

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