Friday, October 10, 2014

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Everyone knows, if you lose an adult tooth, more likely than not you will never have another tooth grow there again. But what options do you have if you do lose an adult tooth, besides have a gaping hole in your smile and be forced to chew food with the other side of your mouth?
Dr. Steckbauer has been practicing in the dental field for over 13 years and has had advanced training in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. So to Dr. Steckbauer, a missing tooth? No problem.
A great option to replace a tooth is a dental implant. An implant mainly consists of a steel implant bar, abutment and a crown. The steel implant bar is placed in the bone of the jaw, where the tooth is missing. The abutment is the central connector. It attaches to the steel implant as well as the crown. The crown is the piece of the implant that resembles the tooth.

An implant, or a few implants are aesthetically superior to any bridge or denture. On of the assistants at Glacier Dental recently had an implant done on one of her front teeth and loves it. She said she sometimes forgets it's not her real tooth. You also don't have to worry about "misplacing" your denture because it is always in your mouth...unlike a denture.

Not only do implants look and feel great, they save your other teeth too. Since an implant is not attached or anchored to any other teeth, there is no risk in harming another tooth.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the implant process itself is not too bad either. The first step is an initial consult about implants with Dr. Steckbauer if you have not had one already. Once the implants are diagnosed, a few x-rays may be taken of that area.

When you decide you're ready to have the implant placed, you'll come in and have the tooth extracted first. After, whether you had a tooth there or not, Dr. Steckbauer may place some bone grafting in the extraction site, or the area where the tooth is missing. Bone grafting has similar qualities to cement. It is a powder mixed with some dental materials to make a thick liquid and once it's placed in the extraction site it hardens and help with bone growth and strength. This allows for the implant post to have stability once placed. Usually after bone grafting is placed, the site is ready for the steel implant to be inserted right away.

The abutment and temporary crown are also placed the same day the post is placed if it is a front tooth. If it's a back tooth, no temporary crown is placed unless Dr. Steckbauer sees fit. After roughly three months of heal time, the final and permanent crown is ready to be placed.

The process itself is fairly easy, with only little discomfort after the implant is placed. Call today for your free implant consult with Dr. Steckbauer at Glacier Dental. 920-235-3251

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