Friday, October 24, 2014

Insurance: Use it before you lose it!

We all know insurance can be confusing, but Glacier Dental is here to help. Typically insurance companies set a maximum dollar amount per year that each person on the plan is allowed to use. It's usually around $1,000. If you don't use it in that year, you lose it. The next year your maximum starts back over.

For example, if you only used $400 of your $1,000 max, you still have $600 to use towards any treatment. Once the end of the year hits, you lose that $600, and your maximum starts over at $1,000.

It's highly recommended patients use this insurance to take full advantage of their insurance plans. It's also better to have your treatment done sooner rather than later. It's never going to hurt less or cost less than it does today!

Keep Glacier Dental in mind when you have a toothache, especially when the end of the year is nearing! We'd love to do a complimentary benefits check to see what is still available for you, and help you with any restorative work your teeth may need! Give us a call to make sure you take full advantage of your benefits today! 920-235-3251

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