Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fluoride? Why would an adult need fluoride??

More often than not, dental offices do not offer adults fluoride varnish treatments at their continuing care appointments because insurance companies typically only cover fluoride for children. However, adults truly do benefit from fluoride treatment,  sometimes more than children.

At Glacier Dental, the hygienists offer a topical fluoride varnish to all patients. The benefits of having the fluoride placed on your teeth include: strengthening the tooth from the outside in and reducing tooth sensitivity. It also adheres directly to the tooth and is not swallowed, in return not harming your body internally.

Similar to your skin, your teeth have pores all over them. After your routine cleaning, the fluoride would be placed on your teeth with a little brush, similar to a paintbrush. Your teeth absorb the fluoride through the pores and in return your teeth become stronger from the outside in. The fluoride itself feels like a coating on the outside of your teeth, once placed it is advised you don't eat anything crunchy or drink anything too hot for four hours, as it will scrape/melt the fluoride off your teeth.

Although it is recommended to have fluoride varnish placed at your six month cleanings, it is most effective for the first 90 days. If you're prone to getting cavities fluoride is a great option to help fight back. Recent studies have actually shown teeth that have very small cavities starting can actually be reversed with the repeated application of fluoride at your appointments. Glacier Dental also offers a take home tooth-paste with extra fluoride in it called Prevident. It is used just like normal tooth paste and helps gap the bridge between the end of the 90-day effectiveness and your upcoming cleaning appointment.

If you have any other questions regarding fluoride, be sure to ask your hygienist at your next continuing care appointment!

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