Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Want a "Silent Nite" this holiday season? Eliminate snoring!


If you snore, or sleep near someone who snores loudly, you know it can keep you up all night, causing a poor night's sleep. New research has shown a "Silent Nite" IS possible!

Now there is a dentist-prescribed solution to help reduce or even eliminate snoring throughout the night. In office, Glacier Dental will start the process to make you a custom Silent Nite sleeping appliance. Once the impressions are taken, it is shipped to a lab and takes roughly 5 days to have it returned and in the patients hands!

The new Silent Nite device is flexible and very comfortable to wear throughout the night. Not only is it thin and comfy, it is affordable as well. The appliance is $299 and provides a lifetime of snore-less sleep!

One of Glacier Dental's patients inquired about Silent Nites when she heard her sister tried it, and found it eliminated the snoring completely. Our patient now has a custom appliance created by one of our very own assistants. Call today for your Silent Nite consult! 920-235-3251

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