Friday, July 3, 2015

An affordable way for small businesses to offer employees Dental Benefits

Sometimes small business owners find it hard to offer their employees decent dental insurance for a reasonable cost. Glacier Dental has a great dental insurance alternative, it's our in-office dental savings plan. This is a great option for business owners to purchase a full year's worth of cleanings, exams and x-rays for their employees for just $ As an added benefit for the employees, any treatment they may need, if they pay for it in full they will receive 10% off.

Glacier Dental also offers a family plan if employers choose to give benefits to their employees immediate family. This plan is good for families of four (if there are additional family members, individual plans can be purchased in addition). The family plan is a total of $1300 ($325/person). The 10% off treatment if paid in full also applies. In addition, any family members under age 14 will receive fluoride varnish free of charge.

As another added bonus to having two continuous care appointments, all necessary x-rays and exams, each patient who is enrolled in the in-office savings plan will receive one free emergency exam as well. This exam can be used anytime throughout the year for emergencies that cannot wait until the next continuous care appointment.

The in-office savings plan cannot be combined with dental insurance however, this plan can help patients without traditional dental insurance save over 30%. Please give our office a call if you're interested in getting more information to give your employees the best dental opportunity in town!


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