Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Extractions at Glacier Dental

Glacier Dental offers a wide variety of services from general cleanings to implants, dentures and oral surgery. We understand patients are hesitant to go to the Dentist the way it is and when you have to be referred out of your regular dental office to have treatment taken care of, the treatment can easily be put on the back burner due to nerves.

If you come in for your routine cleaning and explain you're having trouble with some wisdom teeth, it's possible we could extract those teeth right there that day or even a different day that week. We want to make sure you're out of pain and happy before leaving the office.

What does this all mean? One visit for you from one Doctor. It's so much easier than calling another clinic, working out your schedules and getting up the courage to meet a brand new doctor and clinical staff.

If you're simply looking to get out of pain feel free to call Glacier Dental and set up a wisdom tooth or extraction consult with one of our three oral surgeons, Dr. Steckbauer, Dr. Carpenter or Dr. Wozniak. At this visit we would explain the treatment and go over any payment options you may need. We will also do a complimentary benefits check and give you an estimated patient portion. Call today and meet your one-stop shop dental clinic!

Glacier Dental
Oshkosh, WI

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