Friday, June 10, 2016

Silver or tooth colored fillings?

For the past 150 years Amalgam, better referred to as "Silver", Fillings have been present in dentistry; however, many dentists today will not use or recommend a "Silver" Filling. Instead most dentists would recommend a  Composite, better referred to as "tooth colored",  Filling. Why the change? What makes a "Tooth Colored Filling" more ideal?  

Amalgam is actually a combination of of metals including Silver, Mercury, tin, and copper. Sometimes small amounts of Zinc, Indium, or Palladium may be used as well. Although to many the concern with this type of filling is the content of Mercury and its toxicity the fact that this combination of metals is able to expand and contract is a bigger concern to many dental professionals While there is Mercury present, studies show that the release of the Mercury from everyday wear, chewing, and grinding of 5 fillings is about the same as the amount found in a tuna sandwich. 

On a daily basis we are seeing cracked teeth as a result of  the expanding and contracting of the metal in an Amalgam Filling. This leaves the tooth vulnerable in need of a Crown, Root Canal, or worse an Extraction. Not only is the Composite filling material able to bond with the tooth creating a seal to avoid cracks and future decay, it looks like your natural tooth!
To save yourself time and money in the future let our experts at Glacier Dental restore your teeth to your benefit with Composite Fillings. 

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