Friday, June 3, 2016

Thirsty days ahead!

Quench your thirst the smart way this summer! 

Summer has finally arrived and with that comes reaching for a ice cold drink to quench your thirst. Before you put the glass to your lips you may want to think twice, not all liquid refreshments are created equal. 

The American Dental Association released a new study that compares the pH levels of over 300 drinks and found that most are erosive to teeth. 

Glacier Dental wants to help you keep your pH levels in check while out and about this summer. Check out the pictures below to get an idea of what drinks may have the most negative impact on your oral health. 

Bottled Water (6pH)
Minimally Erosive
(greater than 4pH)

100% Orange Juice (4pH)

Sports Drinks
Extremely Erosive 
(less than 3pH)
If you do choose to enjoy a beverage that may be on the erosive side follow it by chewing a piece of Sugar free gum or Spry product to neutralize the pH levels and keep your mouth healthy! 

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