Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Waterpik vs Floss: Which is right for you.

We all want a beautiful smile we can proudly flash a grin with, but taking care of your teeth and gums is about more than just looks. The result of poor oral hygiene includes cavities, gum disease, even tooth loss. The effects of poor dental hygiene doesn't stop there, gum disease has also been tied to heart disease. So what does all of this mean to you? Regular brushing is not enough to clean out food particles, plaque, and bacteria. The American Dental Association actually recommends flossing daily. Can you honestly say you floss everyday? Did you know that if  you don't floss you are missing 3% of the tooth surface? This is where the conversation of flossing, and by what method, with traditional floss or a Waterpik comes into play. 

A Waterpik is also referred to as an oral irrigator which is a pressurized stream of water that cleans away the food particles, bacteria, and plaque between and under the gum line.

  • Easier to use
  • Cleans between tight spaces
  • Clears out the hard to reach areas
Those who have braces, crowns, implants, or arthritis would greatly benefit from a waterpik because of the ease of use and ability to manure around and dental work. 

  • May not remove all plaque
  • Cost
Waterpiks may be more costly than traditional floss and may not be able to remove all of the plaque on the tooth surface, which would mean the occasional use of  traditional floss. 

Good old floss was first recommended in 1819 and was patent 55 years later. Today, floss comes in many flavors and can be a waxed or unwaxed strand.

  • Cleans each tooth completely
  • easy to control
Traditional floss provides full control of the cleaning of each tooth as opposed to the, may be hard to handle, waterpik.

  • May cause your gums to bleed
  • unable to reach difficult areas
If you have large hands, arthritis, braces, or other dental work it may be difficult to maneuver floss in an effective way. If only using floss be sure to rinse your mouth to remove the plaque that was scraped free from your teeth.

Regardless of which team you're on, the most important takeaway is that you are flossing daily to keep your teeth healthy and in your mouth for years to come. What side are you on? Team Waterpik or Team Floss? 

If you would like more information on flossing or want to purchase a Waterpik, call Glacier Dental of Oshkosh today, 920-235-3251!

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